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Getting new windows installed shouldn't be a hassle or a difficult process. At Hercules Construction, we take care of all the fine details. From coming to your home or business, measurements, answering questions or concerns to installation day - We'll Take Care of Everything To Ensure Your Window Meets Your Satisfaction.

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    Contact us via message or by phone and we'll set up a time that works for you.

  • Consultation

    We'll meet with you at your home or business to take measurements and gather any important details for your window install.

  • Install Window(s)

    After gathering your likes/dislikes, wants and style its time to install your new window(s)

  • Post Check

    Upon installation, we'll make sure there are no drafts from your windows or exposed areas to ensure a tight & secure fit.

Most Common Types of Windows We Install

With varieties in both shape and function, replace or add a new window to fit your style, room and purpose.

Single Hung Window Installation


Single hung windows are a classic and simple choice for any home. They open by raising the bottom half of the window up while the top sash remains stationary.

Double Hung Window Installation


The double hung window consists of two sashes to maneuver as opposed to one movable sash. This functionality allows for either the top or bottom half of the window to be open at one time. 

Casement Window Installation


For a window with more airflow, a casement window allows full maneuverability with a vertical hinge. They swing either in or out (similar to a door) and are operated with a crank system.

Egress Window Installation

Egress Windows

Be safe and give your basement natural light. Egress windows provide the escape should an emergency arise and brighten up the area. Very Popular for basements.

Sliding Window Installation


With tracks running both above and below the window, sliding windows open by pushing them to the side. This very popular window type is also generally inexpensive compared to other windows.

Your Satisfaction is our Priority

Choose Your Window Type

You call the shots. Tell us exactly what you are looking for and have your windows or doors installed your way. Your needs and wants are always top of mind.

We Work With You.

We won't persuade or steer you off in a certain direction. We don't make commissions. If you are looking to get a specific type of window or door installed, that's what we'll do. We only offer our opinion when asked.

Our Work Is Guaranteed.

We so confident in our workmanship that we include 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and 1-Year Workmanship Guarantee for all work performed.

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