Kitchen Remodeling Ideas for 2023

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Wondering How to give your current or future kitchen a fresh new look?

When it comes to determining the value of a home (buying or selling) the kitchen will almost always be one of the deciding factors. Oftentimes, the center of attention for gatherings, memories, and dinner time is the kitchen.

When the time comes to remodel a kitchen, one might be skeptical and confused on where to begin. If you have decided your kitchen is in need of a new aesthetic/appearance, here are the best kitchen remodeling ideas and ways to get started.

Best Kitchen Remodeling Layouts

Before doing any kind of remodeling or big changes to your kitchen, you need to decide which kitchen layout is the right one for your home. Deciding on which kitchen layout to go with involves two main factors: amount of kitchen space & budget.

Below are the most popular kitchen designs in homes today.


L-Shape Kitchen Remodel
This layout would be ideal for small or medium-sized kitchens. This design has the countertops at an L shape and can go along the corner of a right-angled wall. This gives an efficient amount of space in the middle where you can add other tables, chairs, etc. making it the perfect choice for small to medium sized homes

Horseshoe / U-Shape

Horseshoe Kitchen Layout
The horseshoe layout, or U-Shape is identical to the L shape but includes a third countertop giving it that iconic U shape. The horseshoe layout would aid in giving people the ability to have a better flow while working on the countertops in the kitchen.


One-wall Kitchen Remodel
A one-wall design is very simple and often better for smaller kitchens. The countertops/ appliances go up all along just one main wall. This gives the rest of the kitchen room for placement of tables and islands


Island in Kitchen Remodel
Although not always necessary, an island can help create additional workspace for cooking, homework breakfast and so forth. If the idea of adding extra appliances and kitchenware is on your kitchen remodel list, than an island would be something to consider. Another good use would be adding chairs around the area for meals; creating a bar-effect.


Gallery Style Kitchen Remodel
This layout would be helpful in smaller kitchens. It allows for ideally one person to be able to walk through the workspace. Galleys have two separate countertops/walls parallel to one another where you can add appliances


Peninsula Kitchen Remodel
A peninsula is similar to the U shape design. It connects islands adding for more workspace, but is preferable when there is not enough space for a full island

How To Make Your Kitchen Look High End?

How to make your kitchen look expensive

You don’t need to have a large budget or expensive appliances to make your kitchen look and feel expensive. You’ll be surprised by how much money you can save by following these tips and how “expensive” your new kitchen will look. Here are a few secret ways to give your kitchen an expensive, high-end look.

Kitchen Color

Painting the kitchen a lighter color will not only give it a fresh look but will assist in attracting light to your kitchen decor. This can include wall artwork, such as paintings and a fancy-looking clock that will attract the eyes; it will also help brighten up the room.

Renew Your Cabinets

Installing new cabinets and replacing the old will immediately give your kitchen a new look. Another option would be giving your old cabinets a new finish by repainting the cabinets a brand-new color and replacing outdated handles and knobs with new/modern ones to finish off that new “expensive” appeal.

Change up the furniture

Have a dinner table with chairs that look like they’re century years old. Consider re-finishing them or changing them all together for a new dinning set. There are many modern, rustic, farmhouse style furniture out there that’s available for all types of budgets.

Between $1,000 to $5000 you are sure to find a “expensive” looking decor and dining sets that are your style and most of the time under budget – Shop for kitchen appliances and furniture during peak-sales times throughout the year such as Presidents Day and Memorial Day, those seem to offer the best deals.

Same thing can be said about appliances. If you are determined to purchase new appliances the holidays mentioned previously offer the best deals especially when buying a complete set. You can also find amazing deals at Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Best Buy.

These retailers often times markdown just-like-new appliances because people purchase and end up returning them or have a minuscule dent from shipping.

Smart Kitchen Storage

Purchasing cute small bins will help you stay organized in the kitchen and give you a custom look. If you put some bins underneath the sink it can aid in storing cleaners and other cleaning supplies.

You could also store all pans and Tupperware in specific cabinets; this will make it easier to remember where everything is while keeping organized.

This goes with other goods like snacks and canned goods keeping them in a specific location will get rid of unnecessary clusters. Adding holders on the walls or countertops can keep things like knives/spices handy. Adding small bins or holders will also help with the looks of the kitchen giving it an organized look. No one wants a messy kitchen!

Remodeling A Kitchen Is Easier Than You Think

Remodeling the kitchen doesn’t have to be stressful – In fact we make it real easy!

You can have basic ideas and still have a very positive outcome to the look of the kitchen. Updating the design of your kitchen will bring more life to dinners, family gatherings, holidays, and many other important memories. Many of the ideas and layout designs mentioned can be adjusted to everyone’s budget.

With the help of an experienced kitchen remodeling contractor, gather your ideas, needs and wants and they will incorporate that into the perfect kitchen design for you.

At Hercules Construction, we take your ideas, concerns, wish-list and create the perfect kitchen layout on a virtual tour video so you can see first-hand how your new kitchen will look like.

Save yourself the headaches and mistakes, contact us today about your kitchen remodeling ideas and let’s turn your old, outdated kitchen into something even your in-laws will want.

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