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When the conversation about homes comes up, the topic often involves home remodeling. Newly made homeowners sometimes want to make their new home absolutely theirs by changing things up once the key is handed over (open floor plan, cough, cough).

In other cases, homeowners may look into remodeling because their family is growing and need more space. Maybe a spouse has started working from home and needs office space. Perhaps a child has returned to live back home due to rising costs and wants private space in the basement.

Regardless of the reason, there’s always ways to improve our homes to make them truly ours and make our lives easier at the same time.

Has the thought of remodeling your home come to mind? Below are the most popular remodeling areas of a home with cost estimates.

What is home remodeling exactly?

Home remodeling is the process of changing, improving, or making additions to your home. This can involve a single project or multiple projects that renovate the interior, exterior, or inner workings of your home.

The remodeling a home often consists of the renovation of the interior, exterior, or inner workings of your home. People often renovate their homes because of an increased market value, for safety reasons, to reduce maintenance costs, or for a more personal or changing/ enhanced lifestyle.

What many people may not understand is that remodeling an existing home is cheaper than buying a new or used home, as stated by Forbes.

Any room in your home can be remodeled. That’s right, anything from your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, or basement can be remodeled!

From simple light fixtures to full home makeovers, remodeling is more of an art and your home is your canvas – so make it yours.

Below are the most remodeled rooms and areas of the home people seem to get the most value from as well as enjoyment.


Bedrooms are the rooms most people renovate first because they are the rooms people spend their most time in. You can purchase or replace furniture in your bedroom such as bedding or rugs to increase your comfort inside. Purchasing a new, larger dresser or storage unit can hold more articles of clothing and accessories.

Getting your bedroom walls painted, flooring replaced, or new lighting fixtures installed to follow a modern trend or your taste will make the room more unique. Typically, the average cost to remodel a master bedroom is anywhere from $5,000 to $40,000 or more.


Kitchen remodels have also grown very popular over the last few years.

Replacing your countertop with a material that is easier to clean, resistant to scratches, heat, and stains, and with a unique color or pattern can help liven up the simpler parts of your kitchen. Modern color pallets and designs are also popular right now.

This includes white and neutral colors, more simple and less cluttered decor, and flooring or cabinets with heavy wood tones. You can upgrade your appliances and plumbing so they can be more efficient, too. There are many kitchen layouts and styles to choose from. So choose wisely!

Water-efficient faucets and fixtures, energy-efficient appliances, and LED light bulbs are overall more environmentally friendly and help cut down on energy and water bills. $10,000 to $40,000 is what you are looking to spend for a kitchen remodel.


Another very popular room to remodel are bathrooms.

Bathrooms are a place to feel comfortable, relaxed, and zen. Similar to kitchens, installing water-saving toilets and more efficient lighting will help lower utility bills and is friendlier to the environment.

Replacing your current plumbing with newer systems can remove the build-up or spread of rust and mold, water leaking issues, cracks or breaks, or other issues. Grab rails and non-slip tiling and mats can increase the safety of your bathroom while reducing dangerous, possibly costly ER accidents.

Changing the aesthetic of your bathroom to fit your taste or follow a trend is another type of remodeling. Modern layouts, such as large vanity mirrors, bright spa-like lighting, and neutral-colored walls for bathrooms, are currently trending.

There are far many more reasons to remodel your bath besides looks and repairs. So when the question should I remodel my bathroom? comes up, the decision to do so goes beyond a cost perspective, but also your current living situation.

Overall, bathrooms are great rooms to remodel not only for safety reasons, but because they’ll increase the value of your home. The average cost of a bathroom remodel in Rockford can range from $2,000 for small renovations to $40,000+ for larger, high end bath renovations.

Average Bathroom Remodeling Cost
  • Illinois: $10,000
  • Wisconsin: $9,000


Basements are the lower levels of homes that are sometimes overlooked.

They serve multiple purposes and can have various uses; however, the room must be safe and properly remodeled. Waterproofing your walls, adding proper and efficient plumbing, installing insulation to help contain warmth, and large windows can liven up what can often be a dull part of your home.

Many people like having their basements as a second hang-out place, while others go above and beyond by transforming them into home theaters, bars, or full at-home workout gyms.

A popular basement trend today is finishing the basement into extra rooms. Many are finding rents are too high and are moving back into their parents place and are finishing basements to live in. Depending on your location, you may need to account for emergency exits if you are considering using your basement as livable space to comply with local regulations.

Installing egress windows are also becoming a popular upgrade in basements as they offer the emergency exit needed to pass inspection and meet code requirements in Illinois.

The cost to finish or remodel a basement can be around $10,000, whereas more expensive or impressive remodels can soar over $50,000.

Think outside your home


If we venture to the outside of your home, the first place you may want to begin is in the garage.

What many typically do is make their garage more accessible and larger. Sometimes, garages can become filled and cluttered with tools or other hobbies and activities. Clearing up space to make your garage more open and breathable will make it far more pleasing.

Adding style to your garage like epoxy floors and custom storage compartments will organize the area, too. This is perfect for those wanting a place to relax or have company while also being outside. Just imagine a sports night or movie night in your beautifully decorated garage space!

Many are also turning their garages into livable space. Remodeling your garage to accommodate perhaps a loft is very ideal and extremely popular at the moment.

Cost to remodel a garage varies considerably. Starting at around $15,000 for simple conversions and can go north of $60,000 depending if you need new concrete, expansions, and how finished your garage is currently.

The most common 3 car garage size of 30′ x 20′ can cost between $10,500 – $22,500 according to fixr.com

If you are considering using your garage as livable space, a garage conversion is generally much more affordable and cost-efficient than a garage addition. We made a dedicated section for the latest garage ideas and steps to build one.


Decks make a great addition to homes.

They add another space to do activities outside like grilling, parties, or just relaxing on comfortable outdoor furniture. They can be customized to your liking and interests, and help increase the value of your home.

It’s important, however, to choose the correct materials for your deck. Wood is vulnerable to pests, and will rot over time. Paint can fade away or chip from weather or other outside forces. Choosing vinyl will rid your deck of these problems and lessen the amount of maintenance necessary.

Another important point is to choose a good and trustworthy contractor with lots of experience to ensure a safe, sturddy, and visually appealing deck design. The national average cost to build a deck is approximately $8,000.

Now…. It’s time to find a contractor

Now that you have some ideas or information regarding home remodeling, it’s time to find your home remodeling contractor.

A home remodel no matter how big or small should not be done without a contractor. Why? besides making sure any changes to your home are done correctly, you want to make sure you are compliant with any code regulations in your county.

While general contractors are capable of completing the job, remodeling contractors tend to specialize in home renovations and often have the expertise and experience to guide you should you not know where to start or are in need of ideas.

They work specifically to remodel existing homes or buildings. When searching for your contractor, it’s significant to find one fit for the job. They should have all required licenses, insurance, and experience.

This will not only allow for a job well done, but for any worst-case scenario involving legal or financial difficulties to be solved properly.

Ensure your home remodeling project is handled professionally and with peace of mind. Contact a friendly professional such as Hercules Construction for an estimate should you need any remodeling work done in Illinois or Wisconsin.

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