Top 4 Most Productive Home Office Remodeling Design Ideas

Here are the best ideas for a home office design or makeover that will boost your productivity. With these changes, you might just get that corner office you’ve always wanted (assuming you still want it).

According to Forbes, roughly 4 million U.S. workers now work from home, and due to the COVID pandemic that number just skyrocketed! If you’re one of the latest converts to the work-at-home lifestyle, it’s time to rethink your home office’s design so you can set yourself up for success and be even more productive than ever!

Below are the best tips and ideas for building, remodeling or spicing up your home office.

1. Choose a Location That Encourages Focus

The best design tip for a home office is to carefully choose the part of your home where you set up shop.

You’ll want to use a room that has enough space, receives plenty of sunlight and is out of the way of high-traffic areas.

A few rooms to consider for a potential home office remodel:

• A spare bedroom.

• A space off of the living room.

• A room adjacent to a backyard entrance or patio.

• Part of your basement

If you concentrate best in a noisy environment, consider a room next to the kitchen instead of the living room. By mid-afternoon, your home will be buzzing with activity.

Related Home Office Tip:

“The best place for an office is removed from the main action of the home. I usually see them as a separate room near the front door of the home, or as a smaller command center near the back entry of the home. I think it is essential that it has a level a privacy depending on how you plan to use the space. If you’re planning on actually working from home, make sure there are doors on the room to better control sound volume.”

2. Install Wall Shelving and Cabinets

One of the most impactful design ideas for a home office is adding storage space for all of your work and supplies. Wall shelving and built-in cabinets are a must-have if you have dozens of binders or volumes you need to keep handy.

A separate bookshelf also makes a great home for books you enjoy reading for inspiration or to brush up on your skill set. Keeping the essentials organized will make it easier to find everything you need during the day, as well as the next time you need to make the drive in to HQ.

Related Home Office Tip:

“Make sure you plan for enough file storage within your cabinetry. Also consider built in organizers for mail, paper, pens, paperclips, etc. If there is enough space, add open book shelves to add decorations.”

3. Picking The Right Furniture

When it comes to home office furniture, your desk chair is the most important. There are thousands of chairs out there with dozens of different features, but the most important ones are those that affect comfort. We recommend using a chair with adjustable height and depth, lumbar support, a wide backrest and enough cushioning to keep you from getting sore.

As part of a wider home office makeover, consider the kind of desk or table you need to be most productive. Does your work require a headset? A desk with built-in power outlets or charging ports will make it easier to stay wired in. The same goes for your other electronic essentials, such as phones, fax machines, printers or a TV – ONLY if you absolutely need one.

4. Use The Right Home Office Decor

Office decor to consider from a home office user myself should include motivational picture frames and art. Think about your favorite quotes, long-term goals, favorite vacation spots, things of this sort for inspiration and motivation to get you motivated to work harder each and every day.

Final Thoughts

When finally saying to yourself “I need a home office” the first and foremost thing to do is to make a plan. Draw out your “look” first if it helps to clarify things and better explain your ideas to your contractor or even if you plan on tacking on a home office project yourself.

Using these tips, start searching for pictures, ideas, and make the commitment to make it happen.

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