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Gorgeous Bathroom Remodeling

Let us show you how we can turn your bath into a functional, yet relaxing space you'll enjoy for many years. Your new bathroom look is waiting! Get in touch for a free estimate and gather your ideas.

Planning Your Bathroom Remodel

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Creating The Vision

As the ideas start flowing, write them down if you haven't already for that new bathroom look you're dreaming of. It just gets even more exciting from here!

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Next, let's schedule a time to discuss your ideas and get to know each other. This allows us to ask appropriate questions and visit your home or property to better serve you. It's ok to bring print-outs, magazines or email us designs ahead of time.

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After meeting with you, we will begin to map out a plan in place for you new bathroom remodel. At this point, we will be making sure we completely understand your needs & wants before beginning your remodel; we try to keep things moving professionally and efficiently.

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Every bathroom remodel is personally managed by us. We make sure everything is going smoothly from start to finish. If any issues should arise, we will personally speak to you about it and offer best solutions.

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Let's celebrate

Finally a new bathroom is born.
We will do a final walk-through, flush the toilet to make sure it works, and sign off on your finished project.

Things to consider

We compiled a few helpful tips to aide in deciding how to get the best use and money's worth out of your new bathroom

How Do You Use Your Bathroom

Consider how many times you use the bathroom and amenities in that space. Do you retreat to a master bath to soak and relax, or shower and try to run a family bathroom? Do you share the vanity space with a spouse while getting ready for work?

Cover The Essentials

Its easy to get caught up in the excitement and we urge our clients to think "value-engineer."
Make choices based on what features you need. You'll discover what your existing space lacks and incorporate enhancements into the design for down the road if deciding to do the project in phases.

Color Scheme

Is your bathroom a place where you quickly shower, brush your teeth and go or a place where you go to spend a couple hours with candles & music to unwind from the week?
The colors and materials will be different to better suite your needs.


Do you shower alone? If not, you might consider having multiple shower heads and more room. Would you like more private space for the toilet? Your age will also determine how you'll like your bathroom to look and feel. Do you prefer Modern or Traditional?

Your Satisfaction is our Priority

Your Specs. Your Budget. Your Bathroom.

You call the shots. Your bathroom will, and should be made, just for you and your family. Your needs and wants are always top of mind.

No Pushy Upsells. Save Your Money

Most of the time, our customers are surprised by how much they saved after their bathroom has been remodeled by us.
After our consultation, we'll be able to tell you what areas to prioritize on and where you can save money or splurge - the choice is yours!

We Don't Leave Until Your Satisfied

From start to finish, we make sure your bathroom ideas and specifics needs are heard and installed just as you want them.

Before After

What Type of Bathroom Fits Your Style?

Every homeowner has different needs, wants and tastes for their bathrooms.
With so many styles to choose from, you need to make sure and outline exactly what style, look and feel you want before starting any bathroom renovation.

traditional style bathroom remodel


Retains classic colors and uses rich materials such as polished wood, glass and marble.

contemporary style bathroom remodel


Clean look involving straight lines, open space and almost no clutter.
Focuses on quality materials.

transitional style bathroom remodel


A mix of traditional elements such as tile floors with newer modern features.

modern bathroom style remodel


Minimalist, spacious design usually involving whites and grey's with chrome or black accents.

Common Bathroom Renovating Quesitons

There are many reasons for embarking on a bathroom remodeling project. If you have been considering a renovation based on any of these reasons, it’s probably time to get started:

  • Your planning on selling your home soon and want to get the best selling price
  • You have broken tiles, water-damaged walls or plumbing issues
  • Bathroom looks outdated and needs a fresh look
  • Bathroom is too small or you need more storage space
  • A mold problem has been detected
  • You need to make accommodations for a disabled family member

While these are just a few examples, everyone has their own reasoning when wanting a new bathroom. When it’s your bathroom, you get to decide when it’s time to remodel!

Bathroom remodeling costs can be some of the most difficult home improvement projects to estimate because of many factors involved:

  • Bathroom size
  • Existing damage extent
  • Change of layout
  • Quality of materials and fixtures
  • How labor-intensive each task involved is

Your bathroom remodeling costs really depend on how many changes you want. Obviously, changing out a few fixtures and repainting will cost less than gutting the entire room and starting from scratch. Luckily, with so many ways to remodel your bathroom and so many products to choose from these days, it’s easy to find solutions that fit your budget.

Work with your contractor to prioritize your bathroom remodeling needs and find materials you love without going over budget.


How does your bathroom go from ugly and frustrating to ahh and beautiful?

While each bathroom project is different depending on the scope of what needs to be done, there are general procedures that you can expect as standard bathroom remodeling steps:


  1. You and your contractor will meet and discuss your bathroom needs, wants and how they can make it happen.
  2. The contractor will make a floor plan that maps out everything
  3. Permits are acquired if needed before starting any work
  4. Demolition begins!
  5. At this point, any plumbing or electrical work is done according to the floor plans
  6. Installation of the shower or bathtub comes next
  7. If fresh paint is in the works, this happens next before other elements are installed.
  8. Now comes the new flooring.
  9. A new toilet, countertop(s), cabinet(s) and sink are installed after the floor is complete.
  10. Finally, the bathroom is finished and you're ready to enjoy for many years to come!

Today, DIY home projects are very popular! Unfortunately, many underestimated the amount of work and know-how that bathroom remodeling disasters are now becoming more common.

To avoid setbacks and emotional breakdowns, working with a professional bathroom remodeling contractor is the best solution. When working with a pro you can let your imagination fly since a qualified contractor can take those ideas and translate your vision into a finished result.

Having the peace-of-mind is perhaps the biggest benefit you'll see of hiring a professional bathroom remodeler. A contractor will know exactly what materials to use and ones that will hold up to the environment. The best way to improve your bathroom is to trust the experts to do it for you such as Hercules Construction. We will save you the stress and costs of questionable amateur work and give you a bathroom that you'll love for years to come.

Ready to Love Your Bathroom Again?

Don't live with an ugly, flawed bathroom any longer.

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