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Give Your Basement A Purpose

When a basement is finished, a stark, bare area is transformed into a beautiful place of enjoyment or livable space.

We can help you layout your basement and finish it for additional living space or any goals you may have.

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Basement Remodeling Steps

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the Purpose

The endless possibilities an unfinished basement can provide can make the decision that much harder. First step is to decide what is the purpose of this space and how it's going to be used.

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Once you decided how you plan to use you basement, now its time to schedule a time to discuss your ideas. This allows us to ask appropriate questions and visit your home; get ready the exciting part is about to begin!

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Basement Away

At this stage, we begin to map out a plan for you new basement. We will be making sure we completely understand what you are looking for, so your project is completed how you envisioned it and in a timely manner.

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Every basement finishing project is personally managed by us. We make sure everything is going smoothly from start to finish. Over time we have come up with Out-of-the-Box ideas for basements so we'll be happy to share. If any issues should arise, we will personally speak to you about it and offer best solutions.

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Let's celebrate

Finally your basement now has something to offer! 
We will do a final walk-through, tap the walls, and sign off on your finished project.

Beware of a Moldy Basement

A basement finishing project should address future water, dampness, and moisture issues that could ruin your investment. Cutting corners by trying to do this yourself or hiring inexperienced contractor can cost you deeply down the road.


With so many basement finishing materials used on the market, (such as drywall, mold-resistant drywall, wood, carpeting) moisture can run a tremendously damaging course, eventually ruining the finished area.


If the basement is finished with products containing any organic materials, they're going to be susceptible to mold, mildew, rot, and dust mite damage.
As these products decay, they begin to release moldy, musty odors into the air, making the area an unpleasant environment to live in. These odors can spread throughout the entire home, adding allergens and adding to discomfort.

Save Money

The cost of basement finishing, using inadequate materials or by someone who is not experienced, is multiplied many times by having to replace and repair something that should last!
We perform tests and use proper materials designed for basements to ensure your new space is safe for your family and will last for many years to enjoy.

Basement Remodeling Is Very Popular

Having Family Move Back In?

In recent years, we have noticed a spike in interest of homeowners looking to have their basements suited for additional living space and privacy. With the rising cost of living, it makes good sense to remodel a basement to help out family and while increasing the value of your home in the process.

We understand. That's why we have finished many basements in the area to fulfill this need. In some areas, an emergency exit is required if you are using your basement as living quarters. We install basement windows as well to meet this requirement.

  • Up to code

  • Egress Window Installation

  • Meet the requirements of your county/ city

Contractors with warranty

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